Poverty has already been one of the major problems that we people encounter especially when you are living on a war area like some other third world countries. It has been said that mostly all of the sub-problems are caused by poverty itself because this turn people into a survival mode of living. Poverty has provided lots and lots of problem that needs a long life-time remedies like the government stand up for themselves. In this article we are going to tackle what are some minor causes and even the root of the problem poverty can give to us all that lived in this world. 

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According to the research that I implemented, there are lots of causes why poverty is occurring and still not be given a solution. Nine causes can immediately turn a lifespan into a misery not just to your family but to all family that are living in your area and worse your country itself. If a person doesn’t get enough food and drink can lead to preventable illnesses like colds and that is cause by Inadequate access to clean water and nutritious food. Due to that lack of job opportunities are being next because of the literal saying how can you work with an empty stomach? 


Poverty can cause conflicts just like we can see on Syria in this family are forced to leave their places because of the ongoing war and lead nowhere to go but to experience famine. But even small bouts of violence can have huge impacts on communities that are already struggling. For example, if farmers are worried about their crops being stolen, they won’t invest in planting.  Another thing that poverty can cause is because of child abuse that has been going on for ages and not treasuring the idea of “the children are our future”. Lack of education can be also be felt because of such. 

Many countries are familiar in social welfare programs that people can access through it if they need healthcare and food assistant. Because of poverty people felt this kind of situation lacking. People living in poverty don’t have the means to weather the storms of life In Ethiopia for example, repeated cycles of drought have caused harvest after harvest to fail, causing a widespread hunger crisis. And because of that poverty can affect infrastructures especially like a hospital and major buildings that countries needed in order to progress without any problem thrown by people.