Born on 6th of December 1973 in Burnaby, British Columbia, Michael Robert Coleman (aka Michael Coleman), is blessed to have three brothers. Not only that, he is married to Michelle Louise Coleman, and is a proud father to two young ladies.

Life of Michael

Michael started performing stand-up comedy when he was in high school. He would come in and go out of clubs secretly because of his underage status at that time. To do this, he relied on back doors. This secret manner of coming in and going out of nightclubs was fueled with the great interest of working with other comedians like the legendary Robin Williams.

One night after performing, Michael Coleman was introduced to the world of film and television acting by Michael Sunczyk. After this meaningful encounter, he was able to land some noteworthy gigs like Blood Ties, Eureka, Psych, plus numerous feature films and weekly movies. His craft even grew with his exposure on doing voice overs. He has managed to voice many animated series like Dragon Ball, Transformers, and X-Men: Evolution.

On habit that make a productive entrepreneur

He believes that hard work is that one habit that will make an entrepreneur become productive. He may not be the best-looking, tallest, nor smartest, but he insists that he is rarely out of work. He is trained to wake up early to immediately start his long day. His afternoons are reserved for quick naps to avoid having day offs.

He feels that his work doesn’t seem to be work at all for he considers it as one of his greatest joys. He is always thrilled whenever he gets to do work. He has no idea what other career or occupation that offers this kind of reward for efforts.

On failure and overcoming it

As an entrepreneur, he thinks that his failure is not being fully informed of all aspects of the business operation. At that time, this would have allowed him to focus more on what he did best; but on the contrary, he was left vulnerable and worse, taken advantage. An entrepreneur should never let herself/himself be unaware of details that bring direct impact to business operations. Even if there’s another person directly responsible for this certain part, still you’ve got to be knowledgeable about it for it is your own business. Getting surprised and defenseless as results to not knowing the nitty gritty details of the business should never happen to any entrepreneur.

On a business idea for the readers

If there’s one business idea he’d like to impart, that would be self-employment. A reminder for self-employment is that if you’re not building your own dreams, you’re building somebody else’s. Instead of making yourself rise to the top, you have allowed somebody else with the use of your very own hard work. Sharing and educating what you’re truly passionate is one of the many ways in self-employment. Not only you’ll be able to earn, but also be able to create a thriving space for amateurs. This can be very rewarding.