Your swimsuits and floaters are ready and all set for swimming at home with your swimming pool! I’m sure you can’t wait to splash around with your friends and family at the comfort of your own home, or maybe do a couple of exercise laps in the water to keep you refreshed. You’re ready, but is your swimming pool ready as well? 

That’s right! Just like any other essential like computers, cars, or even stations and study rooms the pool needs regular cleaning and maintenance to be at its best shape. It also helps to have an idea or enough knowledge and understanding when it comes to pool maintaining and the essentials to it.  

Here’s a few ways you can easily follow to properly maintain and keep your pool clean: 


Know your Swimming Pool 

Yes. That’s right! Have your pool introduce itself to you. Know every corner, it’s shape and size, the color, depth, the feel of each tile, everything. Knowing these parts will make it easier for you to find resolutions to any problem that may float your way. 


If you’ve already saved a photographic memory of every corner of your pool to your memory then that’s great! Next! We’ll need to learn the basic parts of the swimming pool which is: Pool Water, Interior Wall, Filter System and System of Skimmers and Returns.  


Pool Water 

The water in your pool is a very important part of your swimming pool, obviously. It wouldn’t be a pool if there’s no water in it. You will need to keep the water clean and clear; this will keep you, your friends and your family from contaminated or polluted water. Honestly, it’s not fun when there’s a bunch of dirt lying around. 


Interior Wall 

This is the part that is always touching the water of your pool, keeping it free from dirt will help keep your pool clean and safe. So, scrub those algae and mold build up if you want your pool good-looking. 


Filter System 

The filter system is a very important part of your pool, without it your pool would just be a cloudy, dirty, non-swimmable hot mess.  


System of Skimmers and Returns. 

Your skimmers pull water into the filter for cleaning, while the returns push the cleaned water back into your pool and work best when they’re clean. 


Knowing this information, you already have a good grasp as to what you need to watch out for when maintaining your pool. Let’s proceed to some important details. 



A pool with properly optimized circulation rarely has issues like cloudy water or pool algae infestation. Keeping your filter system running daily will maximize circulation. 



If you skim, brush, and vacuum your pool at least 4-5 times a month this will keep debris out of your water, and your walls sparkling clean. But if you’re worried about debris falling in it’s a good idea to invest on a pool enclosure. There is a large and beneficial investment in a pool enclosure. Pool enclosures are very common especially in Florida due to it’s amazing weather and consistent use of pools everywhere. Pool enclosure contractor Port St. Lucie offers a variety of services including pool enclosure. 



While chemistry is an essential part of pool maintenance, pool chemistry is very direct to the point. Once you know your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels, you can start to add chemicals to tweak your water balance. Take your time, follow all the directions, and be sure you know what each chemical does and how it’ll affect the water, and the folks who swim in it, before you add it. 


Now that you know all of that, let’s go swimming!